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Hartman Awarded $300,000 Grant

November 19, 2008

Associate professor John Hartman has received a three-year $300,000 award from BBN Technologies entitled "A Provisioning Service for Long-term GENI Experiments". GENI is a suite of experimental network research infrastructure sponsored by the National Science Foundation. As envisioned by the community, this suite will support a wide range of network science and engineering experiments such as new protocols and data dissemination techniques running over a substantial fiber optic infrastructure with next-generation optical switches, novel high-speed routers, city-wide experimental urban radio networks, high-end computational clusters, and sensor grids. The award will be used to develop a provisioning service for GENI that provides long-term experiments with the resources they need on each node of the GENI infrastructure, including: the proper execution platform; the correct versions of the necessary software; configuration information; computation, communication, and storage resources; and monitoring and data collection facilities. The challenges are to provision experiments securely, efficiently, and fairly, while tolerating failures and other changes in the GENI infrastructure, and without imposing an undue burden on the user.