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DateTuesday, October 6, 2009
Time11:00 am
LocationGS 906
DetailsLight refreshments - 9th floor Atrium - 10:45AM
SpeakerMarwan Krunz
TitleECE Professor & Director of Connection One Center
AffiliationUniversity of Arizona

Resource Management and Distributed Protocals for Cognitive Radio Networks

Abstract: Through dynamic access to the radio spectrum, cognitive radios (CRs)promise to provide reliable and programmable wireless communications
whenever and wherever needed. Although the development of CRs is still
in its infancy, the technology has already attracted a lot of
attention from government agencies and private corporations, which
have been pushing for accelerating the research pace in this area. To
harvest the benefits of CRs, which include improved spectrum
efficiency, spatial throughput, connectivity, network availability,
etc., our wireless and networking group has been investigating
resource management and protocol design issues in CR networks (CRNs).
In this talk, I will provide an overview of our research activities in
this domain, focusing on the design of channel access and routing
protocols for CRNs. I will also discuss various optimization
frameworks for resource allocation (i.e., spectrum/power/rate
assignment) for such networks, and will briefly comment on joint
academia/industry efforts to build a network of small-factor,
spectrum-agile radios for military and civilian applications.