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DateThursday, October 29, 2009
Time11:00 am
LocationGS 906
DetailsLight refreshments - 9th floor Atrium - 10:45 am
SpeakerSaumya Debray
TitleProfessor, Department of Computer Science
AffiliationUniversity of Arizona

Horrible Code: Adventures in Understanding Malware Programs

ABSTRACT: Malware programs (worms, trojans, etc.) use a variety of obfuscations and other defense mechanisms to make their code difficult to examine and understand. Current program analysis and reverse engineering tools provide very little support for dealing with such defenses, which
typically have to be identified and dealt with manually. Our research
aims to develop automated techniques for removing obfuscation code and
making the malware logic easier to understand. This talk explores some
of the kinds of obfuscations used by malware and discusses ideas for
overcoming them.