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DateTuesday, March 30, 2010
Time11:00 am
LocationGS 906
DetailsCommittee Members:
John Hartman
Chris Gniady
David Lowenthal
SpeakerRussell Lewis
TitleMaster's Thesis Defense
AffiliationDepartment of Computer Science-University of Arizona

Bodyguard: Running Protected Applications in Untrusted Operating Systems

ABSTRACT: In this thesis, we present a method to run an application within a commodity operating system without risking either the correctness or privacy of the application should the operating system be compromised. Using a hypervisor, we invisibly intercept all attempts by the operating system to corrupt the state of the application or access its data. We accomplish this first by tracking the current state of the virtual space and verifying all actions by the operating system which might change this state, and second by replacing the contents of physical pages with randomly generated restorable signatures when the operating system attempts to access the contents. The system is sufficiently flexible to allow a binary-unmodified operating system to perform typical tasks such as copy-on-write, fork(), and swap, and sufficiently automatic that the protected application only needs small modifications. Finally, we present automatic methods for adapting a legacy application which are able to provide complete and seamless protection for many applications.