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DateFriday, April 16, 2010
Time1:15 pm
LocationGS 701
SpeakerArnon Amir
TitleResearch Staff
AffiliationComputer Science Department-IBM Almaden Research Center

DuraBytes - The Smarter Tape

Abstract: The broadcast, cable and cinema industries are going through a major transition to digital media workflow. This transition creates new storage challenges in media transportation, processing and archive. A typical cinema movie may produce a petabyte of digital intermediaries, all to be archived. In this talk I will first explain these challenges and then describe our approach to address it with the DuraBytes project. We create a self-describing tape format and a file system (LTFS to handle and access it. This technology makes data tape an equal member in the family of portable storage media and opens new opportunities for data tapes. It combines the economy, robustness, high density and low power of tape with many of the functionality and usability benefits of hard drive. It enables efficient handling of metadata and MXF content and streamlines file-based production workflows. IBM has adopted this technology into it's soon coming new tape products and is looking to make it a new open standard. Joint work with IBM Systems and Technology Group, Tucson.


Dr. Arnon Amir is a research staff member with the Computer Science
department at the IBM Almaden Research Center since 1997. He leads the DuraBytes project and is also a member of the AALIM project for mutlimodal medical decision support. His research interests cover multiple aspects of computer vision, medical and multimedia information retrieval, from data analysis, indexing and search, to browsing and visualization.