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DateThursday, May 6, 2010
Time10:00 am
LocationGS 942
Beichuan Zhang
John Hartman
Chris Gniady

SpeakerArun Madhavan
TitleMS Thesis Defense
AffiliationComputer Science Department-University of Arizona

NAT Traversal through Tunneling

Abstract: Network Address Translation (NAT) is widely prevalent solution adopted to alleviate the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. Due to the use of private IP addresses on hosts behind the NAT, it is not possible for external hosts to initiate communication with these hosts. This poses a hurdle to many emerging applications, such as VoIP and P2P. Although a plethora of NAT traversal solutions have been proposed in recent years, they suffer from being application-specific , complex, or requiring some
behavioral compliance from the NAT.

The work presents an simple technique that is generic, works with nested
NATs, is incrementally deployable and only expects minimalistic common behavior across all NAT implementations. The design includes the use of UDP tunnels and a sequence of NAT addresses and private IP addresses to uniquely identify a host. Simple and incrementally deployable changes are proposed to DNS to learn the addresses.