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DateTuesday, May 11, 2010
Time10:00 am
LocationGS 942
SpeakerQiyam Tung
TitleMS Thesis Defense
AffiliationComputer Science Department-University of Arizona

Enhancing Emphasis in a Lecture Video

Abstract: Today, more and more lecture videos are being made accessible from the web. At the same time, mobile devices have become powerful enough to watch these videos. However, these devices are limited to a small screen size, creating difficulties in viewing and understanding the content of lecture videos, especially when viewing lecture slides contained in the video. Furthermore, many lecturers use laser pointers to emphasize a part of the slide. On the small screen of a mobile device, not only is viewing a portion of the slide difficult, seeing the laser pointer itself can prove to be very challenging. In this discussion, we propose a system that will allow us to improve the readability of the video for lecturers that use laser pointers. Using the SLIC system developed here in the University of Arizona, we project an enlarged portion of the original high resolution slide image back into the video whenever a laser gesture is made by the lecturer. We argue that this effectively enhances the viewing experience by magnifying only the significant part of the slide, making it easier for viewers to follow the lecture video.