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DateTuesday, June 22, 2010
Time2:00 pm
LocationGS 942
DetailsCommittee members:
Gregory R. Andrews-Chair
Saumya Debray
John Hartman
David Lowenthal
SpeakerJoseph Roback
TitlePhD Final Defense
AffiliationComputer Science Department

Gossamer: A Lightweight Programming Framework for Multicore Machines

Abstract: The key to performance improvements in the multi- core era is for software to utilize the available concurrency. This paper presents a lightweight programming framework called Gossamer that is easy to use, enables the solution of a broad range of parallel programming problems, and produces efficient code. Gossamer contains (1) a set of high-level annotations that one adds to a sequential program to specify concurrency and synchronization, (2) a source-to-source translator that produces an optimized program that uses our threading library, and (3) a run-time system that provides efficient threads and synchro- nization. Gossamer supports iterative and recursive parallelism, pipelined computations, domain decomposition, and MapReduce computations.