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DateTuesday, September 17, 2013
Time11:00 am
Concludes12:15 pm
LocationGould-Simpson 906
DetailsFaculty Host: Stephen Kobourov

Refreshments will be provided on the 9th Floor Atrium at 10:45am.
SpeakerPaolo Simonetto
TitlePostdoctoral Research Associate I
AffiliationComputer Science

Visualisation of Overlapping Sets & Clusters with Euler Diagrams

Euler diagrams are probably the most intuitive and most used method to depict sets in which elements can be shared. Such a powerful metaphor could be an invaluable visualisation tool, but the automatic generation of Euler diagrams still presents many challenging problems. First, not all instances can be drawn using standard Euler diagrams. Second, most existing algorithms focus on diagrams of modest dimensions while real-world applications typically features much larger data. Third, the generation process must be reliable and reasonably fast. To overcome these problems, we define an extended version of Euler diagrams that can be produced for every input instance, and we propose an automatic procedure for the generation of such diagrams that specifically target large input instances.


Paolo Simonetto did his undergraduate work at the University of Padua until 2007. During his Ph.D. study at the University of Bordeaux, he worked in the field of information visualisation, with particular focus on the generation of Euler diagrams and graph visualization. He recently joined the Computer Science Department at the University of Arizona as a postdoctoral student.