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CS Colloquium

DateTuesday, January 13, 2015
Time11:00 am
Concludes12:15 pm
LocationGould-Simpson 906
DetailsPlease join us for coffee and light refreshments at 11am in Gould-Simpson 906.

Faculty Host: Patrick Homer
SpeakerQiyam Tung
AffiliationUniversity of Arizona

An Introduction to AVL Trees

Trees are ubiquitous in computer science. But not all trees are created equal. In the worst case, a binary search tree becomes a linked list, which makes all its operations run in linear time. While a hash table has the advantage of running in constant time, order is not maintained. An AVL tree, however, guarantees that every operation runs in logarithmic time and also maintains the relative order of its elements. In this lecture, we will learn about the height balance property of an AVL tree and how its operations allow it to maintain that property.


Qiyam Tung recently completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Arizona under the supervision of Alon Efrat. His area of research was in computer vision. In particular, his work was on recognizing entities, such as gestures in lecture videos and their applications.