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CS Colloquium

DateFriday, January 22, 2016
Time11:00 am
Concludes12:15 pm
LocationGould-Simpson 942
DetailsPlease join us for coffee and light refreshments at 11am, Gould-Simpson, 9th Floor Atrium.

Faculty Host: Carlos Scheidegger
SpeakerDanyel Fisher
AffiliationResearcher - Microsoft

Why Exploring Big Data Is Hard (and What We Can Do About It)

Exploring data freely lets you find unexpected patterns and shapes -- but it's hard to explore really big datasets. It takes a lot of computing, network, and disk power to squeeze a few trillion records into a million pixels quickly enough to see anything interesting. There are a lot of approaches out there, from throwing bigger clusters at the problem, to indexing more aggressively. In this talk, Danyel is going to discuss several different approaches to big data visualization that will allow data scientists to more freely explore and analyze unwieldy data. He’ll talk about how the visualization field must adapt its choices of visualizations to big data, and how database technologies must be adapted to support interactivity and data exploration.


Danyel Fisher ( is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research; his work centers on information and data visualization. He is interested in how users can make use of visualization to better make sense of their data. His projects have worked with professional data analysts, with end-users, and with people who just happen to have had a lot of information dumped in their laps. His background is in human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work. He received his PhD from UC Irvine in 2004.