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Ephemera for Weaving, Textiles, and Related Topics

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Textile schools

Philadelphia Textile School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. photographs, 1 page. Posted May 21, 2003. CD (HWDA08). File size 88 KB PDF

Textile School, Lowell, MA. Picture postcards, 1 page. Note: Updated February 12, 2003. Posted February 12, 2003. CD (HWDA08). File size 48 KB PDF

Tompkins Hall, textile school building, University of North Carolina. photographs, 1902-1914, 1 page. Posted May 21, 2003. CD (HWDA08). File size 28 KB PDF

Unknown. Dr. & Cr ...[circular for Dwight S. Dow's commercial night school], 1879, 1 page. Note: From Library of Congress. Posted November 18, 2002. CD (HWDA08). File size 328 KB PDF

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