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Patents on Weaving, Textiles, and Related Topics

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The first two letters of a patent identification indicate the country of issue. At present, these are:

AU  Australia
BE  Belgium
DE  Germany
EP  Europa (European Union)
FR  France
GB  Great Britain
JP  Japan
US  United States

U.S. patents with a D prefix are design patents. All other U.S. patents listed here are utility patents. U. S. patents with an X prefix were issued before the establishment of the Patent Office.

Numbers with an A after the country designation are patent applications.

Looms, general and miscellaneous (60)

Looms, circular (20)

Looms, carpet and rug (5)

Looms, narrow fabric (3)

Looms, pile (5)

Loom mechanisms (32)

Jacquard apparatus (30)

Leno mechanisms (5)

Cotton equipment (3)

Silk equipment (52)

Knitting equipment (2)

Wool equipment (1)

Multi-axial weaving mechanisms (11)

Fiber processing mechanisms (12)

Cotton gins (13)

Hosiery equipment (1)

Lace and related topics (73)

Braiding mechanisms (2)

Embroidery (10)

Fabrics (41)

Buildings (1)

Spinning (3)

Dyeing (1)

Fibers (12)

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