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Weaving, Textiles, and Related Subjects by Language

Pages that contain links to all documents written in specific languages are listed below. Documents that contain material written in more than one language are listed under each language. There is no page for English because most of the documents in this archive are written in English and such a page would be unmanageable.

Note: Letters with diacritical marks that cannot be represented in standard HTML are given without diacritical marks.

Language Links

Armenian (2)

Chinese (14)

Czech (12)

Danish (4)

Dutch (5)

Finnish (3)

French (195)

German (152)

Greek (1)

Hungarian (1)

Italian (15)

Japanese (5)

Norwegian (2)

Polish (1)

Portuguese (2)

Romanian (2)

Russian (6)

Spanish (11)

Swedish (7)

Thai (1)

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