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Manuscripts Related to Weaving

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---. [border patterns for towels?], 1690, 26 pages. Posted March 19, 2001. CD (CWDA02). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 1.3 MB PDF

Bargmann, Ute. Block Drafts from Heinrich Leisy's Pattern Book, 2000, 236 pages. Note: Computer drafts. Posted November 27, 2001. CD (CWDA02). SAMPLE PAGE. Part 1: File size 6.1 MB PDF. Part 2: File size 6.4 MB PDF.

Galvin. Nellie L. A German Weaver's Pattern Book: 1784 - 1810, 1961, 119 pages. Note: Published without a copyright notice. Landscape mode. Some scanned images provided by Kris Bruland. WIFs of the patterns in this document are available at Posted May 26, 2004. CD (HWDA08). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 9.8 MB PDF

Hunsberger, Samuel. [pattern book], 52 pages. Note: Reduced to 81.5% when printing. Posted September 7, 2000. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 4.1 MB PDF

Kiel, Wilhelm. [Pattern Book], 1840, 33 pages. Note: PDF provided by Anton Oesterle. Landscape mode. Posted February 18, 2005. SAMPLE PAGE. File size 6.5 MB PDF

Snavely, Jacob. [personal account book], 51 pages. Note: Selected pages. Posted March 13, 2000. CD (CWDA02). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 3.8 MB PDF

Uhler, Cyrus. Draught and Cording [weaving manuscript], ca 1830, 107 pages. Note: Landscape mode. Posted May 14, 2001. CD (CWDA02). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 6.0 MB PDF