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Ephemera for Weaving, Textiles, and Related Topics

Dates in bold red identify documents added in the current month.


Angora Goat Ranch, Oregon. Stereo view, 1 page. Posted September 11, 2004. CD (HWDA10). File size 512 KB PDF

Angora Goats. Picture postcard, 1 page. Posted January 24, 2004. CD (HWDA08). File size 24 KB PDF

Llamas. Picture Postcards, 1 page. Posted January 23, 2004. CD (HWDA08). File size 48 KB PDF

Sheep. Picture Postcards, 22 pages. Posted January 23, 2004. CD (HWDA08). File size 5 MBB PDF

Sheep. Stereo Views, 2 pages. Posted September 3, 2004. CD (HWDA10). File size 680 KB PDF

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