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Baldwin's Textile Designer

Satin Weaves and Some of the Uses to Which They are Applied, ---. Baldwin's Textile Designer, Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 1889), 2 pages. Posted January 25, 2004. CD (HWDA09). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 560 KB PDF

Mathematical Gazette

Mathematical Theory of the Sateen Arrangement, Shorter, S. A. Mathematical Gazette, 1920, 6 pages. Posted July 13, 2004. CD (HWDA10). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 732 KB PDF

Textile World Record

Plain Twills and Satins; The Foundation of Textile Designing, ---. Textile World Record, Vol. 26, No. 2 (November 1903), 5 pages. Posted August 14, 2003. CD (HWDA09). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 836 KB PDF


I.C.S. Staff. Satin and Other Weaves, International Textbook Co., 1905, 22 pages. Posted July 26, 2001. CD (CWDA02). SAMPLE PAGE. File size 1.4 MB PDF


Practical Weaving Suggestions

"Satin Honeycomb; a Six Harness Colonial Weave". Vol. 3-70, 4 pages. Posted September 24, 2004. CD (HWDA11). File size 1 MB PDF

documents created for online publication

Griswold, Ralph E. Regular Satins, 4 pages. Note: Pattern book. WIFs of the patterns in this document are available at Posted June 10, 2004. FIRST PAGE. File size 812 KB PDF

Griswold, Ralph E. Satin Counters: An Example of Writing for Weavers about Mathematics, 2 pages. Note: Last revised August 1, 2004. Posted August 20, 2004. FIRST PAGE. File size 64 KB PDF

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