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2011–2012 Research Colloquia

Unless otherwise indicated, colloquia were held at 11:00 AM in room 906 of the Gould-Simpson Building.

Friday, June 22 (10:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Zhang Yu
Formal Analysis of Security Protocols and Cryptography

Thursday, March 22 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Brendan Mumey, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Montana State University
Two Recent Problems in “Green” Networking

Tuesday, February 28 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Todd Proebsting, Microsoft
To the Cloud and Back: Lessons Learned from Microsoft and Windows Azure

Tuesday, February 14 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Joseph S.B. Mitchell, Professor, Stony Brook University
ComputationalGeometry Approaches to Some Algorithmic Problems in Air Traffic Management

Thursday, February 9 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Aparna Das, University of Arizona
Designing Algorithms for Euclidean Routing Problems

Thursday, January 26 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Jared Saia, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
Conflict on Large Networks

Tuesday, November 22 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Arun Sen, Computer Science and Engineering Program, Arizona State University
Connectivity and Coverage Problems in Emerging Networks

Thursday, November 10 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Rik Sarkar, Freie University, Berlin, Germany
New Methods for Wormhole Detection, Target Tracking and related problems in Wireless Sensor Networks