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About this Site

This site is home for an archive of documents on weaving and related material: Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving. Textiles, Lace, and Related Topics

This site started in May 1999. The first document was Cyrus Uhler's Draught and Cording, made from scans done at Lebanon Valley College Library. The first document scanned locally was de Lantsheere's Trésor de L'Art Dentellier from a delapidated original purchased at a sale at the University of Arizona Library.

The originator of this site and the founder of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona, Ralph E. Griswold, passed away on October 4th 2006. The book he was scanning was Focus on Fabrics by Dorothy Lyle, a 500 page document from the National Institute of Drycleaning.

The Computer Science Department has established the Ralph E. Griswold Memorial Endowment to honor his memory. Proceeds from the endowment, once it is fully funded, will be used to support the professional development of CS undergraduate majors. You can find a brief summary of the endowment, together with a picture of Ralph, on the CS home page. For more information go to

Collections of images of various kinds are under development: following links are places to start exploration, but most are still under development:

Image Archives

A collection of integer sequences also is available: Sequences


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