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2012–2013 Research Colloquia

Unless otherwise indicated, colloquia were held at 11:00 AM in room 906 of the Gould-Simpson Building.

Thursday, May 9 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 701):
Giuseppe Liotta, University of Perugia, Italy
Graph Drawing Beyond Planarity: Some Results and Open Problems

Tuesday, May 7 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Brendan Mumey, Associate Professor, Montana State University
Splitting a Flow Revisited

Thursday, April 25 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Richard T. Saunders, Lecturer, University of Arizona, Computer Science
Recursive, Dynamic, Heterogeneous Types in Statically Typed Languages

Tuesday, April 23 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Angus Forbes, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona, SISTA
Dynamic Visualization: Explorations in Motion and Representation

Thursday, April 4 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
David A. Bader, PhD, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
Massive-Scale Graph Analytics

Tuesday, April 2 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Dr. Mihai Surdeanu, Associate Professor, SISTA
Learning from the World

Thursday, March 28 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Martin Fink, Computer Science PhD Student, University of Wurzburg
Selecting the Aspect Ratio of a Scatter Plot Based on its Delaunay Triangulation

Thursday, February 21 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Dr. Franz Brandenburg, Stacks and Queues, University of Passau, Germany
Views from Data Structures, Visualization, Permutations and Computability

Thursday, January 17 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Steven Chaplick, University of Toronto
Max-Point Tolerance Graphs

Thursday, January 10 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Torsten Ueckerdt, Karlshure Institute of Technology, Germany
Clumsy Packings with Polyominoes

Thursday, November 15 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Michael A. Bekos, Professor, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Smooth Orthogonal Layouts and a Conjecture of Lovasz

Friday, November 9 (10:30 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Jie Gao
The Weakness of Long Ties in Social Networks – Revisited

Thursday, November 8 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Paolo Terenziani, Professor, University of Piedmont, Italy
The Telic/Aetlic Distinction in Temporal Databases

Wednesday, November 7 (10:30 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
David Hay
Multicore Packet Scattering to Disentangle Performance Bottlenecks

Tuesday, November 6 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Justin Cappos, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic Institute, New York University
Seattle: Harnessing Community Resources for Cloud Computing

Friday, October 12 (1:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 813):
Sergey Pupyrev, Microsoft
Routing Edges with Ordered Bundles

Thursday, September 27 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Christian Scheideler, Professor, University of Paderborn, Germany
Towards Duality of Multicommodity Multiroute Cuts and Flows: Multi-level Ball-Growing

Tuesday, August 21 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Titus Brown, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Streaming Glossy Compression of Biological Sequence Data Using Probabilistic Data Structures

Tuesday, August 14 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Zhiwei Li, PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina
Reasoning About Recognizability in Security Protocol Analysis