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Approved Elective Courses

The courses listed below may be taken as elective credit toward both Computer Science Masters and Doctoral degrees. This does not guarantee the classes will be offered! If there is a class you want to take as an elective that is not on this list, first get approval from your faculty advisor prior to registering for the class, and have him email the graduate coordinator authorizing the class as an elective..

Note: If you want to take a class that is not on the list below and count it towards your core requirement, you must petition the Graduate Affairs committee for permission (send a request, co-signed by your advisor, justifying the use of course) to the graduate coordinator.

Archived Approved list through Spring 2012

Computer Science Approved Elective Courses (Approved 2-28-12)

BNAD 510 – Business for Scientists

ECE 516   -- Introduction to Robotics

ECE 562   -- Computer Architecture and Design

ECE 564   -- Broadband Networks and Multimedia Communications

ECE 569   -- High Performance Computing: Technology, Architecture, Algorithms

ECE 571   -- Advanced Logic Synthesis and Verification Algorithms

ECE 573   -- Software Engineering Concepts

ECE 574A -- Computer-Aided Logic Design

ECE 575   -- Object-Oriented Simulation/Discrete Event Models

ECE 576   -- Engineering of Computer-Based Systems

ECE 577   -- Computer System and Network Evaluation

ECE 636   -- Information Theory

ECE 638   -- Wireless Communications

ECE 672   -- Computer-aided Design Algorithms and Techniques for VLSI

ECE 677   -- Distributed Computing Systems

ECE 678   -- Integrated Telecommunications Networks

ISTA 510   -- Bayesian Inference and Modeling

ISTA 521   -- Introduction to Machine Learning

ISTA 550   -- Artificial Intelligence

ISTA 551   -- Game Development

LING 538   -- Computational Linguistics

LING 578   -- Speech Technology

LING 581   – Advanced Computational Linguistics

MATH 502   -- Mathematical Logic

MATH 515A -- Introduction to Abstract Algebra

MATH 515B -- Second Course in Abstract Algebra

MATH 530   -- Second Course in Geometry

MATH 534A/534B -- Introduction to Topology

MATH 535A -- The Mathematics of Computer Graphics

MATH 539   -- Algebraic Coding Theory

MATH 543   -- Theory of Graphs and Networks

MATH 546   -- Theory of Numbers

MATH 547   -- Combinatorial Mathematics

MATH 564   -- Theory of Probability

MATH 571 or 571B-- Design of Experiments

MATH/C SC 575A -- Numerical Analysis

MATH/C SC 575B -- Numerical Analysis

MATH 578   -- Computational Methods of Algebra

MATH 579   -- Game Theory and Mathematical Programming

MATH 636   -- Information Theory

MIS 506   -- Healthcare Information Systems

MIS 515   --  Information Security in Public and Private Sectors

MIS 516   --  Information Security, Risk Mgmt, Disaster Recovery

MIS 517   -- Systems Security Management

MIS 518   -- Biomedical and Security Informatics

MIS 521   -- Systems Modeling and Simulation

MIS 529   -- Detection of Deception and Intent

MIS 538   -- Software Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

MIS 540   -- Artificial Intelligence

MIS 541   -- Analysis and Design of Service-Oriented

MIS 578   – Project Management

MIS 696D -- Models for Quantitative Analysis

PHIL 501A -- Symbolic Logic

PHIL 501B -- Symbolic Logic

PHIL 502   -- Mathematical Logic

PHIL 520   -- Philosophy of Science

PHIL 527   -- Philosophy of the Physical Sciences

PHIL 555   -- Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

PHIL 564   -- Formal Semantics

RNR 503   -- Applications of Geographic Information Systems

RNR 517   -- Geographic Information Systems/ Nat & Soc Sci

RNR 520   -- Advanced Geographic Information Systems

Additional courses for consideration

Thes courses are not approved universally for all students to use as electives, either because they have substantive overlap with exisitng courses or for some other reason. You should know abut them, but you will need to get your advisor's permission to use them as electives.


ECE 512   -- Reverse Engineering the Fly: From Physiology to Computational Models

ECE 567   -- Computer Graphics and CAD

ECE 568   -- Introduction to Parallel Processing

Math 574   -- Introduction to Geostatistics

MIS 511     -- Social and Ethical Issues of the Internet