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Colloquium Requirement (C SC 695A)

The department requires all Master and Doctoral students to register for C SC 695A. All students are required to attend 10 colloquia during their time of study within the department. You do not have to be registered for C SC695A to attend the colloquia and we highly encourage you to start attending the talks your first semester. When you attend an approved colloquium, fill out the colloquium attendance sheet and drop it in the box located in room 906. The graduate advisor can let you know how many colloquia you have attended. To find a listing of the colloquia for the semester that will count toward this requirement, please visit and It is in your best interest to space the research talks out over the semesters leading up to your registration for the class.

Talks in the CS, SISTA, and Cognitive Science seminar series all count towards this requirement, as do CS PhD defenses (not MS).

The only students not required to register for this class are Masters students who have chosen to complete a thesis.