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Internship Credit and Curricular Practical Training

All graduate students are eligible for internship credit. However, please note that internship credits will not count towards your degree, not even as elective credit. Domestic students do not need special permission to take internships and are not required to register for internship credit unless the company you are working for requires it.

International students must register for internship in order to take Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

International students who wish to take an internship must submit required paperwork to the International Students Office (ISPS). For deadline and paperwork information, please visit the ISPS website for the CPT packet you will be required to submit to ISPS.

During the semester you take CPT, you will be required to register for at least one unit of C SC 593. You must find a faculty member willing to work with you on the internship and sign a department add/drop form. Bring this signed add form to Academic Services for registration (you may not register through UAccess for internship). The vast majority of students take their CPT during the summer months.

As part of the packet ISPS requires, you must submit a letter from the department justifying the CPT which requires tahat you provide the graduate advisor with a copy of the offer letter from the company you will be working for. This letter must contain the name of the company, the position you will hold, the location you will be working (city and state) and the dates of the internship.

It is up to ISPS to approve international students for CPT. Please follow all of their guidelines and regulations.