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Internal Ph.D. Minor

There are two types of CS internal minors: an Internal minor (CS only) and an Internal/External minor.

The courses for either of these options would be chosen from one of the tracks of related courses listed below.

Prior approval from a student's major advisor is required to select an internal minor and before beginning minor coursework.

For all External minors, it is the responsibility of the student to ascertain the requirements of the minor department; that department must approve the student's choice of minor and the specific courses taken.

A student cannot count a course as part of both their major and their minor. For example, if a student counts a core course as part of their minor, they would need to take two additional courses from that core area as part of their major.

Minor Examinations

For Internal minors, the CS Qualifying examination will be waived for "minor" courses. The written portion of the Comprehensive Examinations will be handled by individual CS faculty for Internal minors and by other departments for External minors. The oral Comprehensive is a standard format as determined by the Graduate College.

Internal Minor Track

Below are an initial set of tracks. We include all CS 500 and 600 level courses in the various tracks. Students and their faculty advisors can and should select courses to create a set of classes to fit the students research and academic needs.

Computer Architecture/Logic Design

Operating Systems/Networks

Programming Languages/Compilers

Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing

Graphics/Geographic Information Systems


Databases/Information Systems

Internal/External Split Minor Track

Following are four tracks that would be available as an Internal/External Split.

Computational Biology


Software Engineering

Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science