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MS Core prior to Fall 2007

Students entering the department prior to Fall 2007 may follow the core requirements in effect when they entered the department. Students must follow either the new core or the old core. Combining aspects of the two cores will NOT be allowed.

Students are required to take 6 courses from the following three core areas; System, Theory, and Applications. Students must follow the distribution of two core classes from each of the three sections (2 system, 2 theory, 2 applications).

In addition to the six core courses, MS students also need 3 electives, 1 600 level, 1 colloquium course (695A).

Systems (2)
552: Advanced Operating Systems
553: Principles of Compilation
576: Computer Architecture

Theory (2)
520: Principles of Programming Languages
545: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
573: Theory of Computation

Applications (2)
522: Parallel and Distributed Programming
525: Principles of Computer Networking
533: Computer Graphics
560: Database Systems Implementation