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The Arizona Database Laboratory (or AZDBLab) is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), a set of programs consisting of 45K source lines of code (40K lines of Java, 1500 lines of XSLT, and 4K lines of XML schema). AZDBLab currently supports experiments on four DBMSes, two commercial and two open-source.


Here's a short video made by some of the undergraduates in the project about the project's software and experiments.

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Screenshot of AZDBLab
Industrial Collaborators
Sabah Currim (UA Mosaic)
Douglas Wood (Woodstrom Associates)
Rui Zhang (Dataware Ventures)
Chief Programmer History
Youngkyoon Suh (Fall 2010 - Fall 2011, and Fall 2012 - present)
Andrey Kvochko (Summer 2012)
Rui Zhang (Fall 2006 - Summer 2010, and Spring 2012 - Summer 2012)
Undergraduate Students
Previous Collaborators
Previous Graduate Students
Previous Undergraduate Students
Towards a Science of Database Systems
National Science Foundation, CISE IIS-0639106
Information and Intelligent Systems Division
October 2009 to September 2012
(Richard T. Snodgrass (PI))

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