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Intelligent Tutoring Systems


This project is concerned with developing a sophisticated online tutoring system to help achieve stated learning objectives. As part of this effort, ergalic theories are articulated that predict the impact of various components and composition of such tutoriing systems on the efficacy of learning by students of skills encompassed by these objectives.

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Graduate Students
Otilia Barbu (Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies, College of Education)
Undergraduate Student
Kendra Walworth (Mathematics)
Previous Undergraduate Student
Patrick Valenzuela
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Intelligent Tutoring Systems
National Science Foundation, 0940201.
Supporting math access for middle and high school students who are blind through adaptive math tutoring technology.
August 11 2009 to July 31 2011
(Carole Beal (PI))

Intelligent Tutoring Systems
National Science Foundation, 0903441.
Closing the math achievement gap for English Language Learners: Technology resources for pre-algebra.
December 18 2009 to July 31 2012
(Carole Beal (PI), Matthew Lewis (PI))

Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Institute of Education Sciences, R305A090197.
Efficacy study of AnimalWatch: An intelligent tutoring system for algebra readiness.
March 1 2009 to Feb 28 2013
(Carole Beal (PI), S. Schneider (PI))

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