The University of Arizona


Curricula at the University of Arizona

Department of Computer Science (CS)
  • CSc 645, Experimental Algorithmics, or Making Algorithms Work (Spring 2013).
  • CSc 195H, Ergalics, First Year Colloquium (Fall 2012).
  • CSc 630, Ergalics, the Science of Computing (Spring 2012).
  • CSc 630, The "Science" of Computer Science (Spring 2007).
School of Information Science, Technology, and the Arts (SISTA)

Two required, intro-level courses are being plannned for Information Science, Technology, and the Arts (ISTA) undergraduate majors: a methodology course that emphasizes empirical generalization and a statistics course that provides the statistical tools for that methodology.

Eller College of Management (Eller)

Many MIS and other science departments have one or more methodological courses, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For example, the MIS Department here has two methodological courses that are required of doctoral students.

MIS 611A Design Science Research Methodologies
MIS 611B Behavioral Research Methodologies
Curricula at Other Schools

There are a few in computer science. Some are ongoing, others one-time.

Schools in the US
  • University of Maryland, CMSC 634: Empirical Research Methods for Computer Science.
    CMSC 735: A Quantitative Approach to Software Management and Engineering (Spring 2006).
  • John Hopkins University had one in Fall 05: Empirical Research Methods in Computer Science (600.408).
  • University of Victoria, Spring 2008: CSC 586F: Topics in Computer Systems and Software: "Empirical Research Methods in Software Engineering".
  • University of Massachusetts, Research Methods for Empirical Computer Science CMPSCI 691DD.
  • Northeastern University, IS U580 Empirical Research Methods in Information Science (Fall 04?)
Non-US Schools
  • University of Toronto, CSC2130S: Empirical Research Methods in Software Engineering.
  • RMIT University, Research Methods (031748).
  • Universitat Paderborn, Empirical Research in Software Engineering.

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