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The University of Arizona


A Field Guide for the Science of Computation
National Science Foundation, CNS-0938948 (CPATH).
October 2009 to September 2012
(Peter Denning (PI) and Richard T. Snodgrass (PI))
The iPlant Collaborative: A Cyberinfrastructure-Centered Community for a New Plant Biology
National Science Foundation, Plant CI Center.
January 2008 to December 2012
(Richard A. Jorgensen (PI), Gregory R. Andrews (PI),
Vicki L. Chandler (PI), Sudha Ram (PI),
Lincoln D. Stein (PI))

Using Empirical Generalization to Develop Predictive Models of DBMS Processing
National Science Foundation, CISE IIS-1016205
Information and Intelligent Systems Division
September 2010 to August 2013
(Richard T. Snodgrass (PI))
Named Data Networking
National Science Foundation, CNS-1040868
Division of Computer and Network Systems
September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2013
(Lixia Zhang (PI), Deborah Estrin (Co-PI), Jeffrey Burke (Co-PI))

Previous Grants

Towards a Science of Database Systems
National Science Foundation, CISE IIS-0639106.
Information and Intelligent Systems Division
September 2006 to March 2009
(Richard T. Snodgrass (PI))
"WIT" A Watchdog System for Internet Routing
DHS (subcontract from Colorado State).
March 21 2008 to March 20 2010
(Beichuan Zhang (PI))

NETS-FIND: Collaborative Research: Enabling Future Internet Innovations through Transit Wire (eFIT)
National Science Foundation.
September 1 2007 to August 31 2010
(Beichuan Zhang (PI))

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