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Statistical Consulting

The Research Computing Support Group at UITS offers a free statistical consulting service to faculty, staff and graduate students of The University of Arizona. Expert statisticians provide assistance with all forms of statistical analyses and with a wide range of statistical software.

Computing Systems and Labs with Statistics Software

Statistics software is available at several on-campus locations.


Some granting agencies require formal evaluation, either of the project or of the resulting artifacts of the project.

Here are some evaluation consultants who have worked with projects in the department.

Allison L. Titcomb, PhD
The University of Arizona
Optical Sciences and Computer Science (Evaluation Specialist)
School of Government & Public Policy (adjunct instructor)
(520) 904-1058

WestEd is a research, development, and service agency that works with education and other communities. In the department, we have worked with the Mathematics, Science, and Technology program, which is directed by Steve Scheider,

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