The University of Arizona

Reproducible Experiments

Software Experiment Provenance and Replay


This project is developing a comprehensive toolset (called Rex) that can (i) record and archive the apparatus of a software experiment: the programs run, the environment variables read, and the data files read, (ii) replay a recorded experiment, including multi-threaded programs, (iii) compare the differences between recorded software experiments, say to determine what (the input or the apparatus) caused the experiments to produce differing results, and (iv) run new experiments using the apparatus from recorded experiments, in each case with low performance impact and without recompiling any of the programs.

Graduate Students
The iPlant Collaborative: A Cyberinfrastructure-Centered Community for a New Plant Biology
National Science Foundation, Plant CI Center.
January 2008 to December 2012
(Richard A. Jorgensen (PI), Gregory R. Andrews (PI),
Vicki L. Chandler (PI), Sudha Ram (PI),
Lincoln D. Stein (PI))

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